Bergen, The Bergen Milk Salon

Bergen, The Bergen Milk Salon

About this location

Baakmeerdijk 15
1862 PZBergen

The Kenter family and its cows welcome you. You are welcome every day for a look in the barn, to see how the cows live on the farm and for something tasty from one of the vending machines.

The Kenter family farm store in Bergen will open in spring 2019. Here they sell from vending machines fresh raw milk, Beemster cheese, chocolate milk, buttermilk, real vanilla custard, fresh yogurt and many more products they make themselves. There are regular offers and they offer yogurts with several new flavors. On Fridays and Saturdays the store is open and you can buy a piece of freshly cut cheese but organic vegetables and gift packs are also available here.

Cycle this bike route and pass Farm Shop the Bergen Melksalon. Turn left at node 71 a bike to the Baakmeerdijk, this is where the Bergense Melksalon is located. View your route (