Beemster Polder

Beemster cheese gets its name from the Beemster polder. This special land, used to be water. The Beemster polder was drained in 1612 and consists of over 7,000 acres of land. The reclamation proved to be a smart move because the clay soil was very fertile for grass. This provided farmers with high yields for their milk. Something that has actually never changed. Around 1900, cattle farmers in the polder decided to work together and built small factories with which they could make cheese from their skimmed milk.

By now our cheese factory employs 2 cheese masters and over 40 cheesemakers. With about 170 colleagues, we make the tastiest Beemster cheeses every day and our customers have been enjoying the delicious and distinct flavor of our cheese every day for more than 100 years!

Wondering what it's like on the farm and in the cheese dairy? Then check out our short stories here.

World Heritage Beemster

In 1612, the reclamation was divided into a strong geometric pattern that is still visible today. This is why Droogmakerij de Beemster has been on the UNESCO World Heritage List since 1999. The ring dike protects the Beemster polder, which consists mainly of straight roads with rows of trees, cheese-cover farmhouses and green meadows.

Beemster Bee Ribbon

Bees, butterflies and other insects are indispensable in our ecosystem. That's why in 2019 we teamed up with nature association Water, Land and Dikes to sow flower seed at six of our dairy farms as a pilot that has grown into the Beemster Bee Ribbon. In recent years, the bee ribbon has grown to a ribbon of over 20,000 m2.

Visit the Beemster polder

In and around the surroundings of the Beemster polder there are several opportunities to have fun. Would you like to go into nature? Visit the cheese markets? A day in Amsterdam or adjacent market town Purmerend? Visit Beemster has listed all the possibilities for you here.

Cycling in and around the Beemster

Beemster cheese is being cut fresh in more and more places outside the Beemster polder. At farmers with a vending machine or their own farm store. Throughout North Holland, there are as many as 15 Farm stores. To fully enjoy North Holland, its fresh breezes, long roads, ponds, dikes and vistas, a number of bicycle routes have been established. During these routes you will cycle past a number of atmospheric farm stores.

There you can immediately see with what dedication and commitment the farmers take care of their livestock. And see with your own eyes how clean and comfortable their barns are. And that the cows graze outside as much as possible. At least 180 days a year, 10 hours a day.