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Farmers run their own store

More and more farmers are running their own store on their property. The farmers, members of the CONO Kaasmakers cooperative, sell several varieties of Beemster cheese here.

flammkuchen with Beemster Grass cheese

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Beemster Webshop

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Family Box

A delicious package for the whole family! Including Beemster Jong Belegen, Oud and Komijn.

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Beemster Borreling

A delicious package for with drinks that includes Beemster Royaal Grand Cru.

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Beemster 48+ Young Belegen 500 grams

A delicious cheese that is creamy and mild in flavor.

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Beemster 48+ Extra Belegen 500 grams

A delicious cheese that is full and tangy in flavor.

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