New Beemster Grass cheese - April 1!

new Beemster grass cheese

Recently we have been working on something new and finally we can share it with you. Our new Beemster Grass cheese, with real pieces of grass! Coming soon to our farm stores and the supermarket shelf.

Keep an eye on our website and social media channels for more information.

That Beemster grass is special is a truism. That is why we prefer to leave this grass for our cows, so that we can make real Beemster Grass cheese, without bits of grass. Because what tastes good, you should leave it that way 😋. Our April 1 joke received attention on Jinek, EditieNL, Radio 2 and on various websites such as, and With that, we can safely conclude that it was successful!

Do keep an eye on our website and social channels for when our one and only Beemster Grass cheese will be available again.

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