Farmer's Day - April 16, 2023

Farmer's Day - April 16, 2023

Come Sunday, April 16 (from 10:00 a.m.) to one of the farms, eight Beemster families warmly invite you to visit their farms.

Want to learn all about cows, the farm and farm life? Then come visit
at one of our Beemster farmers during Dagje Bij De Boer Dag on Sunday, April 16.

In addition to many fun activities, you can see how things work on the farm. In short, a unique experience! Furthermore, you will learn all about what our farmers are doing in terms of sustainability. You can also see for yourself where the best milk for the tastiest cheese comes from. And of course you can taste the best cheese on this day!

Family Huisman, Wieringerwerf
Family Bos, Wieringerwaard
Family Smit, Stompetoren
Family Kooijman, Schellinkhout
Family Schilder, Spierdijk
Family Kramer, Assendelft
Family Smit, Wervershoof
Family Duivenvoorden, Voorschoten

Want to know where the farms are located and what's on offer at those locations? Then take a quick look at our special website:

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