Beemster cheese is vegetarian from now on

Beemster cheese is vegetarian from now on

The entire Beemster cheese assortment has been renewed. For example, from now on our Beemster cheese is vegetarian and completely GMO-free but still with the familiar taste and tastiness. That is why we are proud to launch a new design for our packaging. The new look shows exactly what we stand for and where we come from. Because real cheese, of course, comes from the Beemster.

GMO-free ration
Our farmers work hard and with passion to provide us with the best milk. And we are proud of that! The cows graze outside in the meadow as much as possible, and when they are in the barn during the colder periods, they are provided with every convenience, including their own bedding and massage brushes. In addition to fresh protein-rich grass, the Beemster cows eat feed that is largely grown by the farmer himself and is completely GMO-free.

More and more people are looking even more consciously at the products they buy and eat. Therefore, from now on our Beemster cheese is also vegetarian and easily recognizable by the V-Label label. True to tradition, our expert cheese makers still make the tastiest cheese with the 100% North Holland meadow milk that we collect from the farmers. They do this using traditional methods. For example, they stir the curds by hand. This takes more time, but ensures the best taste and smoothness. Because that, of course, remains the same, that's what we stand for.

New packaging
The familiar piece of Beemster cheese is made locally in the Beemster polder. To show that more we have given our cheese a new look, a new packaging! With the familiar cows and a flavor description on the front and more info about what we do, such as more info about our climate neutral cheese making, on the back. For example, did you know that we use green energy from our own farmers to make the cheese?

We are curious to hear your reaction to our new packaging. Will you let us know?

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