Farm store bicycle routes

Farm store bicycle routes

Beemster cheese is being cut fresh in more and more places outside the Beemster polder. At farmers with a vending machine or their own farm store. Throughout North Holland, there are as many as 15 Farm stores. To fully enjoy North Holland, its fresh breezes, long roads, ponds, dikes and vistas, a number of bicycle routes have been established. During these routes you will cycle past a number of atmospheric farm stores.

There you can immediately see with what dedication and commitment the farmers take care of their livestock. And see with your own eyes how clean and comfortable their barns are. And that the cows graze outside as much as possible. At least 180 days a year, 10 hours a day.

Routes in north holland

Markermeer Route, 22.6 km

Cycle along the Markermeer and take the ferry between Marken and Volendam. During this route you will pass farm store Willig in Katwoude.

Schagen and environs route, 32.4 km

Cycle through Schagen and the surrounding area and take a look at farm store Veldzichthoeve in 't Veld.

Beemster cheese Polder route, 35.0 km

Cycle through the polder with this route and pass several farm stores: farm store Andre Hoeve in Spierdijk and farm store Roos in Oudendijk.

Pondjes route, 35.4 km
Surroundings Alkmaardermeer, Akersloot and Uitgeest. You pass by, farm store the Trust in Akersloot and Streekwinkel the Kooghuis in Uitgeest.

Huisduinen route, 35.9 km

During this route in the head of North Holland, you will cycle through the dunes and pass farm store Tesselaar in Huisduinen.

BeemsterLeeghwater route, 47.9 km
Through the Beemster and the Schermer. You cycle past CONO Cheese store in Westbeemster, Farm store 'T Koehotel in Zuidschermer and the Beemster cheese wagon in the southeast Beemster.

Alkmaar and Broeker Veiling Route, 62.8 km
Surroundings, Alkmaar, Schoorl, Heerhugowaard. You cycle past farm store Streekwinkel Borst and Farmermarket Paula Hoeve in Heerhugowaard, farm store 'T Koehotel in Zuidschermer and De Bergense Melksalon in Bergen.

Land and Lake route, 84.2 km
A tough route, via Hoorn, along the IJsselmeer, through the Wieringermeer polder. There are several farm stores on this route: farm store Het Zuivelstation, HeerlijkvandeBoer in Schellinkhout and and farm store Smit Streekwinkel in Wervershoof.

Route in South Holland:

Wassenaar route, 33.8 km

During this bicycle route through the forest and along the sea you will pass farm store Den Hollander in Wassenaar.

Route in Friesland:

Friesland and environs route, 49.0 km

You cycle past farm store Tsiis en Sa in rural Friesland

Route in Overijsel:

Rural route in Overijssel, 27.8km

Cycle past farm store Zandman in Beerze in a wooded area.