Qmusic & Beemster lunch at high altitude

Qmusic & Beemster lunch at high altitude

For many people, lunch is the highlight of your work or study day. Unfortunately, we often forget to sit down and really enjoy it. Q-dj Menno helps you with that by always playing 2 energetic tracks during 'Alright Stop. Lunchtime' and now invites you to an unforgettable Beemster cheese lunch, prepared by a professional chef. One thing is for sure: this will definitely not be an 'ordinary' lunchtime break, because you will have lunch at a great height in the Beemster! On the farm of farmer Sandra, the winners will be served this exclusive lunch at a height of 50 meters.

From May 9 to May 12, during 'Alright Stop. Lunchtime' press the button that then appears in the Q app? Then you can be called back. If you get on the air, you will be hoisted up with Menno for a unique lunch on Friday, May 13.


Apart from through Menno's program, you also have a chance here! You can claim two seats on this page. Four winners will be selected at random from all participants who have claimed seats. 

Good to do right? At least if you're not afraid of heights... 😉